Achieve Your Growth Ambitions by Partnering with Cacobean and Leveraging Our World-Class Manufacturing Facilities


Confectionery Manufactureres and Marketers

Expand your range with chocolate extensions.

Distribution Houses

Build your own brands and secure your future with sustainable product lines

Industrialists and Start-ups

Exploit the best business opportunity in India with the lowest per capita consumption of chocolate, ensuring sustainable growth for decades

Modern Trade Retail

Use private label opportunities and earn better from your shelf space

As the best amongst the private label chocolate manufacturers in India, the range of customizations we can offer you are second to none. A wide range of purity and consistencies, varying shaped moulds and embossing, nut and fruit fillings, and a whole host of packaging/branding possibilities. Some of our exciting private label collaborations have been as follows.

Our Clients

Explore our range of Products & Solutions

Shapes / Geometry


We provide you an extensive range of shapes & geometry with an elegant finished product.
Truffles 11.6g
Praline Dome 12g
Praline Square 10g
Bar 25g





Choose from a wide range of fillings: Fruits nuts and caramel flavours

Our exclusive range of premium Nut creams & chocolate for the innovative enterpriser.

Nut Creams




Choose from a wide range of fillings: Fruits nuts and caramel flavours

The soft cube pure vegan jellies are available in assorted fruit flavours.

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