We felt the need to craft a specialty product that would withstand the humidity and heat of Indian summers. Cacobean’s in-house product development team painstakingly created Tropical Chocolate, a delicious, yet hardy chocolate customized for our palate and weather.



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Our indulgent, bite-sized truffles make for the perfect gift – whatever the reason, in any season. These creamy, centre-filled confections are enrobed in smooth chocolate and are a best-seller.

These round and dome-shaped truffles feature creamy fruit or nut fillings. All our finest ingredients, together in one delightful and intense flavour experience.

Our soft-chew jellies capture all the flavour and freshness of fruits, for a single burst of flavour and fun, that are sure to please candy-lovers of all ages.

We dare you to have just one of these double-twist, top-twist centre-filled delights. Featuring fruit or nut centre-fills, These truffles are a truly decadent surprise.

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