Custom-create your chocolate product with us. The sky’s the limit.




Product extensions for confectionery manufacturers and marketers.

Sustainable in-house brands for distribution houses.

Long-standing partnerships with industrialists and start-ups.

Tailored Private Label opportunities for modern trade retail.

The range of customizations we offer to our Private Label clients are second to none. A wide range of purity and consistencies, varying shaped moulds and embossing, nut and fruit fillings, and a whole host of packaging/branding possibilities.

Our Clients

Some of our exciting Private Label collaborations have been follows.

Explore our extensive Private Label possibilities.


We provide you a huge range of shapes & geometry and ensure an elegantly finished product.

Truffles 11.6g
Praline Dome 12g
Praline Square 10g
Bar 25g



Choose from a wide range of fillings in fruit, nut and caramel flavours.

Our indulgent nut creams and spreads are airy and convenient to use – as an ingredient, thickener, or a spread on its own. 

Nut Creams




Choose from a wide range of fillings: Fruits nuts and caramel flavours

Our vegan, soft-chew jellies capture all the flavour and freshness of fruits.

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