Our Cocoa Planter range of pure chocolates begins with our carefully tended cocoa crop, beans that are expertly picked at their seasonal best. They are then fermented, and sun dried at our units located in the high ranges of Kerala, close to the sources of our cocoa, to optimise for flavour and intensity. All the experience of our 30+ years in chocolate, backed by the love and passion we have for this most beloved of foods.



Pure Chocolate Products

Experience the purest and most intense flavors with our range of Raw Cocoa Products.

Roasted Cocoa

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Mass

Luxurious, pure dark chocolates & milk chocolates, crafted especially for the chefs, bakers & hoteliers.

Chocolate Shots

Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate Slabs

Nut Creams

Hot Chocolate

Create delicious, richly-flavoured chocolate drinks from our convenient and expertly blended ground cocoa powder.

Nut Spreads

Experience our indulgent nut creams, airy and convenient to use – whether as an ingredient, thickener, or a spread on its own.


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